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Kim Hayward 651-271-3500
(call or text)

Manager: Kim Hayward
Assistant Manager: Larry Huiras

Board of Directors (8/18-7/19):

Larry McIntyre, President
Bill Voedisch, Vice President

Stephanie Miller, Secretary

Grant Duffrin

Tom Owens

Bridge Center of Saint Paul

lesson schedule


Beginning Lessons - ACBL Series (Club Book) - Bidding
Mondays 2:30-4:15pm, beg. Jun. 3 through Jul. 22, 2019

Teacher: Larry Huiras

(Next Beginning Series will begin Sep. 9, 2019)

Beginning Part II Lessons - ACBL Series (Diamond Book) - Play of the Hand

 TBD - Mondays after Club Series

Teacher: Larry Huiras

Beginning Part III Lessons - ACBL Series (Heart Book) - Defense
 Mondays 4:40-6:15pm, beg. Jun. 3 through Jul. 22, 2019

Teacher: Larry Huiras

Beginning Part IV Lessons - ACBL Series (Spade Book) - Conventions

Dates and Times TBD

Teacher: TBD

Thinking Bridge

Tuesdays 2:00-4:30pm, beg. Sept. date TBD, 2019

Teacher: Mike Flader

Tuesday Mini Lessons 6:00-6:20 pm
Teacher: Keith Thompson

Intermediate Chat Bridge
Thursdays, 11:00-12:00, Please sign up for our count by Wednesday noon

Teachers: Various

Chat Bridge

Thursdays 12:30pm -- Teachers: Jane & Doug Frost

Mondays 6:30pm -- Teacher: Larry Huiras

Come with or without a partner. Ask questions anytime during bidding or play.