​​​​Bridge Center of St Paul Schedule
     To read re-opening guidelines, click here.
​​Full Game Schedule -- Both Online and In-Person

9:30am 0-2000 Pairs Online
10:00am Open Pairs In-Person​
9:30am 0-2000 Pairs Online
10:00am Open Pairs In-Person

6:30pm 0-1500 Pairs In-Person

9:30am 0-2000 Pairs Online

 10:00 0-1500 Pairs In-Person


11:00am-12:00pm Intermediate Chat Lessons (signup needed)

12:30pm Mentor Pairs (LM w/non-LM)

Beginning 4/1 non-LM must by under 750 MP

& Chat Bridge (0-20mp) In-Person
9:30am 0-2000 Pairs Online

10:00am Open Pairs In-Person


Currently there are no Saturday games.


One Sunday per month, special game, see calendar.

No online games on Sunday.

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The Bridge Center of St Paul is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Because of that we have an annual membership fee. Members receive a $2 discount for club games ($7/$9).


- Mar 27-31 is Club Championship Week, all face-to-face games are extra points, no extra $.

- April is Charity Fund month. Look for extra point games.

- April Brunch & Bridge is Apr 2. It will be an Open Pairs Club Championship. Food at 11:30, game at 12:00.

- Charity Fund all week on BBO April 10-16.

- Silver Linings all week on BBO April 24-30. Silver points!


COVID Protocols: We

continue to follow the ACBL guidelines and require vaccination for all players. Masks are available and optional.

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Bridge Center of Saint Paul

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Partnership                                 Organization
Kim Hayward 651-271-3500        Manager: Kimberly Hayward
(call or text)                                  Assistant Manager: Larry Huiras

Board of Directors (8/22-7/23):
Larry McIntyre, President

Dan McIntyre, VP & Treasurer

David Gustafson, Secretary

Bill Voedisch, Board Member

Miriam Larson, Board Member