Anyone can participate in these lessons. No prior classes required. We'll bid and play through several hands with Q&A throughout. No partner necessary. Once in the Zoom meeting players and coaches will leave to private rooms to work on hands for 60-90 minutes. Please text 651.271.3500 or email to make a reservation by Monday evening for the next day so we have enough coaches.

LINK TO WEEKLY CHAT BRIDGE ZOOM SESSION - Thursdays at 9am (game to follow at 9:30)

Only players 20mp or fewer can participate in Chat Bridge. If we get 10 or more players we will run a game. If fewer show up we will send players and coaches to tables for practice. No partner necessary, but if you have one, great! Once in the Zoom meeting Director will assess whether we can run a game, if so, all will register for the game on BBO, if not, players and coaches will leave to private rooms to work on 10-15 hands.

Join ACBL, click here 

Bridge links

​​Online BBO Game Schedule:

Special Schedule for Week of October 26-November 1

Club Championship Week - DOUBLE points, no extra fees!

Monday: 9:30 0-500 Pairs, 9:45 Open Pairs, 1:30 0-300 Pairs, 6:30 Open Pairs
Tuesday: 9:30 0-500 Pairs, 9:45 Open Pairs, 1:30 0-300 Pairs,

6:30 0-750 Pairs, 6:45 Open Pairs
Wednesday: 9:30 0-500 Pairs, 9:45 Open Pairs, 1:30 0-300 Pairs, and 

6:15 Greater MN Pooled 0-1000 Pairs, 6:30 Greater MN Pooled Open Pairs
Thursday: 9:30 Chat Bridge (0-20 Pairs), 12:15 0-300 Pairs, 12:30 Open Pairs, and
6:30 Fast Pairs (5 minute boards)
Friday: 9:30 0-300 Pairs, 9:40 0-1500 Pairs, 9:45 Open Pairs
Saturday: 12:00 0-750 Pairs, 12:30 Fast Pairs (5 minute boards), 6:30 Open Pairs
Sunday: 12:00 Open Pairs, 12:30 0-750 Pairs, 5:30 Open Pairs

Regular Schedule after November 1

Mondays: 9:30am 0-500 Pairs, 9:45am Open Pairs & 1:30pm 0-300 Pairs
Tuesdays: 9:45am Open & 6:30pm 0-750 Pairs
Wednesdays: 9:30am 0-500 Pairs, 9:45am Open Pairs, 1:30pm 0-300 Pairs, 

6:15 0-1000 & 6:30pm Open Pairs
Thursdays: 9:30am Chat 0-20 Pairs, 12:15pm 0-300 Pairs & 12:30pm Open Pairs
Fridays: 9:30am 0-500 Pairs, 9:40 0-1500 Pairs & 9:45am Open Pairs
Saturdays: 12:30pm 0-750 Pairs & 1:00pm Fast Pairs
Sundays: 12:30pm 0-750 Pairs, 1:00pm Open Pairs & 5:30pm Open Pairs​

Beginning Lesson Fees

2021 Membership Fee (Click Buy Now to Left)

Bridge Center of Saint Paul

Due to COVID-19 and our State of Minnesota mandates, we will be closed until further notice. Please join us online - see below for instructions.

​​Online Beginning Lessons - ACBL Series (Club Book) - Bidding​

Mondays, September 14 through November 2, 6:30-8:30pm
Updated by Betty Starzec to reflect more modern bidding methods, this textbook now has nine lessons based on five card major openings. The chapters are titled: Getting started--Objectives--Responses to 1NT--Responses to One of a Suit--Rebids by Opener--Rebids by Responder--Responses to One of a Suit--Overcalls--Takeout Doubles and Responses--The Stayman Convention. Book is $19.99 on or available at the club (Kim can meet you for pickup). Lessons are $7.50 per week or $50 for the series of 8 classes. Each includes 1 hour lesson and 1 hour of play. Taught by: Larry Huiras.

Choose classes on pulldown menu  to pay class fees.​​


The Bridge Center of St Paul is now holding only online club games. All of these games are 24-28 boards. ONLY players on our BBO list will be authorized to play in these games. The list includes players who have won points at the BCofStP in the prior 12 months of live Bridge. Also included are players in our peering pool: Twin City Bridge Center, Plymouth/Edina, Metro Bridge, Woodbury, St Cloud, Duluth, and Mankato. If you can't register, please contact Kim at least 20 minutes before a game.

Here's how to play:
1. Go to BBO version 3, address:
2. You have to have a BBO account. Setting up an account is free.
3. Cost will be $5 per game, per player. You have to have that money in your BBO account to register for a game. From the BBO homepage, click on BB$ to add funds either via Paypal or any credit card. If you don't find this button, do an Internet search for BBO$ and you'll get a page to pay. Don't use the in-app function, because you'll pay a surchage. You can pay for yourself and invite a partner or pay for both you and your partner. 
4. Beginning 2 hours before gametime our game will be listed on the site. From the homepage look at the Blue menu, find Competitive, then click on ACBL Virtual Clubs. Scan the list to find a BCofStP game.
5. Both you and your partner need to be online at the time of registration. Both need to be online also at game time or you'll be unregistered. 

Benefits: You will get to hang out with your club pals, you will earn Black club points which the ACBL augments with 1.5 multiplier bonus, and best of all, the club gets the majority of your gamefees.

If you need ANY help let us know. Signing up for BBO, navigating the site, getting money in your account, etc. If you can't find a partner, cal or textl Kim or click partnership within the tournament and wait to see if someone else comes alone. Also, if you are a single and we have a 1/2 table, we can get a sub to fill in with you. Kim & Larry H will be directing these games the foreseeable future. Again, please contact us with questions.

Kim Hayward 651-271-3500
(call or text)

Manager: Kimberly Hayward
Assistant Manager: Larry Huiras

Board of Directors (8/20-7/21):

Larry McIntyre, President
Stephanie Steele, Vice President
Bill Voedisch, Secretary
Grant Duffrin, Treasurer

Gail Baev, Board Member